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-- About us

-- About us --


EUMAfranchises is a holding company specialized in new innovation construction material. We launched in early 2013 and are built on innovation and expertise.

EUMAfranchises is dedicated to acquiring, distributing and sub-franchising ground-breaking new construction materials and technology.

EUMAfranchises goes beyond the traditional. We focus on better ways of doing things that save clients' time and money. We always invest in technologies that change the industries. We serve by replacing traditional methods with better ones. We introduce improved construction materials into untapped markets.

We focus on the research and testing of newly created products to identify what can supersede what is already available. We are here to lead the modern evolution and progress of construction materials and innovative technology. We achieve this by offering products, solutions and technology that are truly innovative and effective.

In our quest for unique products with outstanding results, we recently partnered with Easystone: a German firm that patented a revolutionary way to turn stone into powder and return it to its original stone state by mixing it with water.

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Our firm is a response to global developments in the exponential evolution of technology. This evolution created a new demand in the construction material market.

The industry at large is pushing this global evolution to translate itself on both aesthetical and practical levels in new construction materials.

Today's construction materials don't satisfy the real demand for new revolutionary products.

EUMAfranchises was created to fill this gap and lead the era of newly innovative construction materials.

Location & Reach

Location & Reach
EUMAfranchises’s offices are located in:

Burj Khalifa , Suite 10101 , Dubai UAE
Dalfa, Spears , Beirut Lebanon
Mathias Brüggen , Straße 130 , Köln Germany

Our reach extends to 29 countries across the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, Central Africa, and the US. The number of countries we serve is constantly growing.



-- Distribution

To introduce Easystone to your local market or discuss a franchising opportunity, contact us on:



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